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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Notes from The Sheldon Progress, 1908

The Grand Pacific Hotel, Lisbon, North Dakota

January 17:
Mrs. August Nelson of Glenwood is a homeguest at present. She will remain several weeks.
January 24:
Edward E. Wall and Miss Hilda [sic] Buss were united in marriage at Lisbon on Thursday, January 16.
February 21:
John Reis was suddenly taken ill Wednesday with stomach and heart trouble, bit is better at this writing.
April 3:
The misses Anna and Lydie Buss were visiting with their sister Mrs. Ed Wall, at Owego over Sunday.
May 1:
Miss Lydie Buss has gone to assist Mrs. M. Grobe at Lisbon in her household duties.

A delightful event was the "Coffee Krentzgen" given on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. George Schunk, who entertained royally a number of her lady friends.
May 8:
Pleasant Prairie: Miss Krantz, from Indiana, is visiting with her sister Mrs. John Reis.
June 26:
Miss Emma Crantz, who has been dining room girl at the Grand Pacific for the past month, leaves for her home in Indiana tomorrow.
July 10:
Miss Emma Crantz, who for the past two months has been one of the employees of the Grand Pacific hotel, departed on Tuesday evening for Cooperstown, where she has accepted a position as waitress in one of the hotels.
August 14:
Miss Emma Crantz, who recently presided over the destinies of the dining room of the Grand Pacific, later taking a similar position in one of the Cooperstown hotels, arrived on Monday's train from Fargo and will spend the harvest and threshing season on the farm of her sister and brother-in-law, southwest of town.
September 25:
Mrs. Jake Muth and children are visiting with Mrs. Peters on Wednesday.

Misses Lydia and Anna Buss and Gertie Froemke are spending the week at Fargo.

Mr. and Mrs. August Nelson of Glenwood, Minn., visited the latter's parents over Sunday, returning on Monday.
October 23:
Pleasant Prairie: The friends of B. Buss will hereafter find him in the City of Anselm in the old Goodmann house, having moved there on Wednesday.

Among those who gave Coffee Krentzgens in honor of Mrs. Freitag were Mesdames G. Jaster, G. Schunk, F. Kiefert and H. Peters.

According to the Lisbon Quasuicentennial book, the three-story Grand Pacific Hotel was built in 1883. It was purchased in 1889 by G.E. Horton, along with the older Headquarters Hotel. Horton moved both buildings to Main Street and Sixth Avenue, creating the Horton Hotel, which opened in 1890. It was destroyed by fire in 1908.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Notes from The Sheldon Progress, 1907

January 4:
Mr. and Mrs. F. Buss returned from Glenwood, Minn. on Thursday.
February 1:
John T. Rice and family, who have rented Frank Nohr's farm, the northeast quarter of Section 13 in Casey, have arrived from Indiana and are living on the place.

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Buss spent Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Helen Froemke.

A large crowd of friends assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buss Tuesday evening. Games were played and late in the evening very delicious refreshments were served, after which all departed, having very much enjoyed the evening.
March 22:
Jake Muth is erecting a large barn on his farm in Casey.
April 12:
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buss and Mrs. Brocker were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Ihme Sunday.
April 19:
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Muth had their infants christened on Sunday.
May 3:
John Reis and family Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. Howell.
May 10:
Mrs. John Rice was calling on Pleasant Prairie friends on Tuesday.
May 24:
Mrs. F. Buss is among the sick this week.
June 21:
Pleasant Prairie: Mrs. F. Buss is very sick.
July 12:
Miss Minnie Reis, daughter of John Reis, is very sick.
July 26:
Mrs. August Nelson, of Glenwood, Minn., is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buss at present. [Maybe she came for the Sheldon Old Settlers Picnic--2000 attended!]
August 2:
Pleasant Prairie: Miss Hulda Buss is spending the week at Owego and is the guest of Miss Lena Wall.
August 9:
Jacob Muth's boy was kicked by a horse on Monday. He was badly cut and Dr. Patterson, of Lisbon, sewed up the wounds.
August 30:
Mrs. F. Buss, who has been visiting friends at Marion for several weeks, returned from there Friday.
October 11:
Pleasant Prairie: John Reis is busy digging a well.
October 18:
Pleasant Prairie: Mr. and Mrs. F. Buss made a business trip to the county seat Wednesday.

Miss Annie Buss has been spending the week with her sister Mrs. Jake Muth.
November 1:
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buss on Sunday, October 27, a girl.
November 15:
Pleasant Prairie: May Reis fell yesterday at the schoolhouse and hurt her knee very badly.

Miss Hulda Buss entertained a large party of friends on Wednesday in honor of her nineteenth birthday.
November 22:
Mrs. Jake Muth and children and Miss Lydia Buss will leave the first of next week for several weeks' visit with Mr. Muth's parents at Havana.
November 29:
Ferdinand Buss is spending the week at Enderlin helping George Schunk at his house.

Miss Lydia Buss was confirmed at the United Evangelical church at Lisbon Sunday.

A most enjoyable event was the surprise party tendered Mrs. Wilhelmina Buss Tuesday at her home near the river. The party of self-invited guests took possession of the house and a sumptuous dinner and supper were served. The surprise was a most complete one and therefore all the more enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Notes from The White County Democrat, 1907

Friday, February 22, 1907
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January 18:
Reynolds RR10: Fred Krintz is around bidding his friends adieu, as he expects to go to Dakota soon.

Chalmers RR12: Jewell Ward's baby is seriously ill at this writing.

Sand Hill: Henry Brandt bought a horse last week near Reynolds.
January 25:
Jewell Ward's baby is reported no better.
February 1:
Charles Clouck Jr. has purchased the Dr. Didlake property on West Harrison Street and moved into the same on Tuesday.

Chalmers RR12: Ed Casselbring [sic] bought a driving horse from L. Owens Monday.

Chalmers RR12: John Lane, Billy Ward, and Jewell Ward have received phonographs and are very much pleased with them.

Miss Mabel Graham, who has been teaching the Ward School, has resigned her position. Miss Grace Ward of Chalmers has taken her place.

Auctioneer V.D. Clyne of Monticello: 16 February, Herman Buss, 2 miles north of Reynolds, big farm sale.
March 15:
Mrs. Hintz, an old lady living with her daughter Mrs. Earl Snider, fell and broke her hip. It was broken once before a few years ago.

Reynolds: A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Amer [sic] Krintz last week.
March 22:
The nine-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klouck died suddenly between 2:00-3:00 Tuesday afternoon. Wholly unexpected. Funeral Thursday. Burial in Riverview Cemetery.
April 5:
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buss, who moved to Indianapolis a few weeks ago, came back Sunday and will live here. John Buss, their nephew, was also at Indianapolis and returned with them.
April 12:
Miss Emma Brant and Guy McCully spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hasselbring.
April 19:
Reynolds: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buss have moved into the Mary Gussmer property, formerly occupied by Bert Weakman.
May 3:
Misses Rose Kraud, Bessie Robison, and Emma Krintz were at Monticello Friday.

August Krintz moved Monday to a farm belonging to S.W. Meyers, northeast of here.

Chalmers RR12: William Ward was pleasantly surprised by his children Friday evening, it being his sixty-fifth birthday. All report a pleasant time.
June 7:
Reynolds RR11: Jewell Ward has put up a new wind pump.

Viola and Lila Ward were in town Tuesday practicing for Children's Day.

Lewis and Ray Ward were hauling corn to the elevator a couple of days last week.
June 21:
Chalmers RR12: Jewell Ward has purchased a new windmill.
July 26:
Reynolds: Miss Emma Krintz went last week to Louisville.
August 9:
Reynolds: Marjorie, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Krintz, living northeast of here, had the forefinger of her fight hand cut off, just above the first joint Tuesday morning. Mr. Krintz was fixing his mowing machine and did not know little one was about until the accident. She was brought to town and Dr. Schofield dressed the wound. She is getting along nicely.
August 30:
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric J. Wise have announced the marriage of their daughter Lillie Martha, to Mr. Fred Krinning on Wednesday, August 28, at the Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel's Church, Medford, Wisconsin.
August 30:
Wedding license: Theodore Zarse to Emma Brandt.
September 6:
A son was born to Rev. and Mrs. Kuonen August 28, 1907.

August Krinning, who has been spending the summer in Hulett, Crook County, Wyoming, returned home Sunday and reported being favorably impressed with that country.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krinning arrived here Friday evening. The bride and groom were greeted with an old fashioned charivaraing [sic--a charivari, or shivaree, is a noisy mock serenade to a newlywed couple] at about eight o'clock p.m. [They'll make their future home in Medford, Wisconsin.]
September 13:
Jewell Ward and John Lane are attending the state fair at Indianapolis this week.
October 11:
Theodore Zarse and wife have moved onto Herman Schroeder's farm.

Reynolds RR11: Frank Ward and wife of Chalmers visited Jewell Ward and wife Sunday.
October 18:
Jewell Ward returned home Saturday evening from a trip to Michigan.

Will Shier, after visiting his sister Mrs. August Krinning and family, left last week for his home in Hulett, Wyoming.
October 25:
Wheeler: Jewell Ward went to Michigan Monday evening where he will probably buy a tract of land.

Reynolds RR11: William and Jewell Ward started Monday evening for Michigan.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Something Very Special for 2007

My late aunt, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, was an extraordinary poet. With gratitude to, and in cooperation with, her children, heirs to her poetic legacy, I invite you to join us at Dark Tigers: The Poetry of Bonnie Elizabeth Parker to experience a poem a day throughout 2007. I promise you, it will be a most remarkable year!

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