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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Notes from The Sheldon Progress, 1913

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January 2:
Invested in Florida Lands: Word was received this week to the effect that Messrs. Wall, Kaspari, Hanelt, Buss and Froemke, who left here about three weeks ago for Fargo, Fla., had found that country so much to their liking that each of them had purchased a tract of fruit land fom the Florida Fruitlands Company, intending to develop the same and make that their winter homes in the future.
These gentlemen have, by hard work and good management, acquired a goodly portion of this world's goods, and The Progress is pleased to note that they have decided to spend the winters of their declining years in so pleasant a place as Florida must be.
They expect to arrive home about the middle of next week.
February 13:
Jacob Muth of Kidder, South Dakota, is calling on old friends in this vicinity.
February 27:
Anselm: The business men of Anselm must have mistook John Reis for a traveling safety deposit box on his way to Sheldon Wednesday the way they turned over their coin to him. They must know who to trust sending in their deposits.

Fred Wall returned last Wednesday evening over the Soo from his stay of several weeks with the Dakota colony at Daytona Beach and Fargo, Fla. He and Jacob Kaspari came together as far as points in Wisconsin when Mr. Wall received word of the sickness of his children and he left Mr. Kaspari there and came direct home. Mr. Kaspari will visit with a brother at Lake City, Minn., and is not expected home before the middle of next month. The rest of the party became so enamored with the county that they will spend the balance of the winter there. All of the party bought small tracts of fruit land near Fargo and had the ground prepared and set out to oranges and grapefruit. H.C. Buss invested the heaviest and purchased two six acre tracts adjoining the town of Fargo. Fred says, that is the country to spend the winter in and if crops are good this year he is going to take the whole family down next winter. The party covered Florida pretty thoroughly by auto and rail, making several sight seeing auto trips across the state and trips by boat and rail up along the coast. They crossed over to Cuba and spent several days in Havana and along the coast. The trip to Cuba was made by the way of the Keyes on that celebrated railway that run for one hundred and fifty miles out into the ocean. It is quite a scenic route and Fred says they crossed one tressel that was eight and one half miles long and about sixty feet above the water. He found time to visit with all the old timers from around Sheldon who have located there and found them all enjoying the best of health. The remainder of the party will not be home until warm weather.
March 6:
Mrs. Ferdinand Buss and daughter, Mrs. Jake Muth, returned from Minneapolis Monday morning, where they were called some time ago to take care of Mrs. Oscar Weig, whose household was blessed with a baby girl.
March 13:
Anselm: W.C. Buss returned Wednesday evening from his southern trip.
March 20:
Election Returns: Casey Twp. Road Overseer, Philip Nohr (one of four).

March 27:
Liberty: Philip and Reuben Nohr were Lisbon visitors Friday.
April 10:
Ransom County Population:
10,345 (5,639 male; 4706 female)
2,061 families, 2,016 dwellings
2,624 of Norwegian descent (at least one parent)
739 of German descent
8 Negroes (7 male; 1 female)
no Indians, Chinese, or Japanese

Philip Nohr was at the Gust Jaster home Sunday.
April 17:
Jake Muth came up from Kidder, South Dakota, on business, Mrs. J. Reise accompanying him to Sheldon.
May 8:
August Jaster and family and Mrs. Gust Jaster spent Sunday at Philip Nohr's place in Shenford.

Mesdames F. Buss and Jake Muth and children spent Sunday with Oscar Weig and family of Sheldon.
June 5:
[Sheldon land north of Northern Pacific right-of-way, 82 acres at $75/acre, a new record, $15 more than ever paid before. A subsequent letter from Peter Lewis said he paid $100 to T.L. Wiper and wouldn't sell now for $150!]
August 21:
At Fred Wall's birthday surprise party, planned by Mrs. Wall and Mrs. Muth, there was a huge cake with 43 candles, and a spring chicken supper.
October 30:
J.T. Reis, one of the big farmers out southwest of town [Sheldon], left last evening for Bemidji, Minn., near where he has some land which he will look after while he is away. He may make a trip to Duluth also.
November 6:
The young people of Pleasant Prairie met Friday, October 24, to organize a literary society. A large number of young people were present. The meeting was called to order by Ira Herzberg and opened by singing America. Officers were then elected. President, Don Smith; vice-president, Elsie Schunk; secretary, Ada Herzberg; editorial staff, editor-in-chief, Ira Herzberg; assistant editor, Will Schunk; reporters, west district, Clara Nohr; north district, Will Jaster; east district, Bertha Krueger; sergeant-at-arms, Philip Nohr and Will Jaster. Name of the society "Alpha Omega." The date for the program will be announced later.

FOR SALE CHEAP. One sanitary closet good as new. G.L. McDonald

On Halloween Eve at the hour of eight, the members of the S.W.C. began to arrive at the home of Frank Nohr. There were twenty-four present, who were all ready to jump the tub of water when blindfolded to receive their badges, which were made up of the class colors of orange and green and were very pretty. After having received the badges we were ushered into two other rooms, which were decorated with class colors. Pennants of the class were hug all around in the different rooms. Streamers were nicely hung all about, jack-o'-lanterns and masks, the latter hung over the gas lamps, furnished the light for the evening. At 11:30 we were invited to the beautiful decorated dining room where the class motto, "We Mean Business" was hanging on one side of the table. A five course dinner was served by three young men waiters. Everybody enjoyed the evening and reported a good time.

The young people of the Emanual church of the Evangelistic association, two miles southwest of Anselm, met at the home of Mr. Schunk to organize an adult buble class. Officers were elected as follows: President, Ira Herzberg; vice-president, Will Jaster; secretary, Clara Nohr; treasurer, Will Schunk; teacher, Rev. A.F. Herzberg. Four committees were appointed, executive committee, membership committee, social committee, devotional committee. Class name - "Soul Winning Class." Class motto - "We Mean Business." A great interest is being manifested in the class, everybody is a worker and working. All the committees are busy trying to do their best. The attendance of the class has increased greatly. The average attendance before organized was about ten, now we have an attendance of eighteen to twenty-two every Sunday. Prospects are good for many more. All are working to fill the class room which will hold about forty. We give a cordial invitation to those who do not attend an other Sunday school, to come and get acquainted and join our large and working class.
November 27:
Jake Muth, who has been in Montana the last two months, was visiting in this vicinity last week.

Mrs. August Nelson, of Minneapolis, arrived last week, Wednesday, and is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Buss.
December 4:
Ed Buss spent a few days with Ed Wall.
December 11:
The first monthly program of the Alpha Omega given at Casey School No. 2 Friday evening December 5th was well rendered. The debate, "Resolved that the schools of North Dakota should be consolidated," was well given. The judges voted in favor of the affirmative.
December 18:
Pleasant Prairie: Philip Nohr and Clarence Peters are at Forest Junction, Wis., on a visit with relatives and friends.


LaurieK said...


Wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the newspaper articles. I am a FROEMKE descendant. FW Froemke was my great-grandmother's brother. My grandfather's cousin, Viola BUCK aka IHME married Reynold BUSS.

Thanks for the read.

T.K. said...

Hi LaurieK,
Thanks for stopping by. I'm not even half done with the Sheldon Progress excerpts--my notes go up to the early 1930s--so do visit again.
Also, Mary Lee has been working on locating German records for our Buss ancestors. If you have any information that might help determine the correct village in Germany/Prussia/Poland, please leave me a comment with your email address (I will not publish any comment with an email address in it--I despise spam as much as anyone else) and I will have her contact you. TK

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