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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Meme Slacker: Goin' Off on the 161...

My new cousin Miriam recently tagged me with the 161 Meme at her blog Ancestories. What a pity she didn't tag me instead for the other one she posted that day, Can You Top This?, for which you post about your most prolific ancestor. My response to that one would have been so easy: "Nope! Can't top that!" because Miriam posted about her most prolific ancestor, Elder John Strong, who also happens to be my 10th great-grandfather (my great-grandmother Kate Pettis Kerr is descended from his son Jedediah and Freedom Woodward).

Miriam didn't even know we're cousins until, well, right now. So I guess she can be forgiven for not knowing that I'm not much of a reader. Plus, I was in Michigan visiting my dad at the time. But hey, I can't sit here forever with this meme hanging over my head, and since I was mildly stimulated--I admit it--by the discussion about mystery novels with a genealogical twist a couple months ago at West in New England, off I went to the library for an armload of books. I'm gonna play your little meme game, Miriam, but in exchange, I leave it to you to determine exactly what our relationship is. Heh. Good luck with that!

So, okay, I picked up A Comedy of Heirs by Rett MacPherson, and the sixth sentence on page 161 was:
My children and I were enjoying a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, thin crust with extra cheese and a big pitcher of soda.
Hmm, as sentences go, there's really nothing genealogical about that, I thought, so maybe another book would provide a more thematically-appropriate sentence.

I turned to page 161 in the next book on the stack, A Misty Mourning, also by Rett MacPherson, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? This:
We were quiet a moment while we ate our pizza.
I'm not always a quick study, but I sensed a theme developing here, and it was decidedly not genealogical! A little more research was in order, I thought, so I sat down with A Misty Mourning, a tall coffee, and some simple note-taking supplies. I enjoyed a good read, and my notes appear below:

Each numbered entry in this list represents a single page. Numbered entries are listed in chronological order, but list numbers do not correspond with page numbers due to the fact that not all pages had specific food references.

Specific Food References in A Misty Mourning
  1. coffee
  2. bottle of wine
  3. bread, pinto beans, pinto beans
  4. Hershey's candy bar
  5. taffy
  6. navy beans, two desserts
  7. orange juice
  8. coffee, chocolate, sugar, soda
  9. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, alcohol, spirits, booze
  10. alcohol, six-pack of beer, fifth of whiskey, gin, bottle of wine, potato salad
  11. potato salad, baked beans, potato salad, sliced tomatoes
  12. pork steaks, deviled eggs
  13. potato salad, chocolate ice cream cones
  14. pork steak
  15. cookies, crackers, iced tea, lemonade
  16. muffin, blueberry muffin
  17. coffee
  18. turkey sandwich, sliced tomatoes, cottage cheese, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper, cottage cheese, tomatoes, turkey sandwich
  19. cottage cheese, sandwich, soda
  20. Dr. Pepper
  21. bread, chocolate
  22. fried chicken, mashed potatoes, beets, peas, homemade biscuits
  23. fried chicken, chicken leg
  24. chicken leg, chicken leg
  25. chicken leg, grease
  26. chicken leg, chicken leg
  27. spirits
  28. biscuits & gravy, juice, dough, orange juice, dough
  29. oatmeal, coffee, biscuits, juice
  30. biscuits, coffee
  31. homemade biscuit, excruciatingly delectable strawberry jam, biscuit, milk
  32. biscuit, shellfish
  33. low-fat, low-sugar, low-caffeine, low-calorie, or low-carbohydrate foods
  34. iced tea
  35. whiskey
  36. beer
  37. 7Up, 7Up, Dr. Pepper, 7Up, soda, soda
  38. pie
  39. soda
  40. oatmeal-raisin cookies, milk
  41. cookie, milk
  42. cookie crumbs
  43. spicy cheesy pizza, pizza, nice gooey piece of pizza, bottle of Rolling Rock, pizza, round red layers of pepperoni, piece of pizza, pizza, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, pepperoni, pizza
  44. pizza
  45. pizza
  46. Rolling Rock
  47. beer
  48. tomatoes
  49. beer
  50. beer
  51. beer
  52. chocolate bar
  53. bologna & cheese sandwich
  54. milk
  55. Dr. Pepper
  56. Dr. Pepper
  57. roasted chicken, vegetables, minced-meat pie
  58. cookies
  59. oatmeal-raisin cookie
Specific Restaurants Mentioned One or More Times
  • McDonald's
  • Burger King
  • Denny's
Food Words Used as Descriptors, Idioms, or Lyrics
  • pizza parlor
  • empty pizza box
  • Samuel Adams beer T-shirt
  • cake plate
  • tomato plants
  • grocery store
  • cream-colored marble
  • strawberry red hair
  • smart cookie
  • spill the beans
  • crying-in-your-beer music
  • Ninety-Nine Bottle of Beer on the Wall
A Non-Comprehensive List of General References to Food
  • breakfast
  • pail lunches
  • lunchtime
  • dinner
  • food was served
  • stomach rumbled
  • three fast-food stops
  • ate their food
  • snatching at her food
  • eating as fast as I could
And last but certainly not least,
  • "All I could think about was food."
Yeah . . . [sigh] . . . me too . . .


Jasia said...

LOL! Good one!

So you and Miriam are cousins, eh?



Miriam said...

You are right! I just discovered you and I are cousins...just right now! OK, so we're 10th cousins, twice removed. You are actually the same generation as my maternal grandmother, whose mother was the last Strong in my lineage. AND we both have Michigan roots! :-)

Oh, while we may be 10th cuz, 2x removed, I have to say that my hubby and I are actually more closely related...we're both 10th cousins (same generation) through our common MOREY/MOWRY line. I know, ick!

Randy and I are cousins, too, but I can't remember how...all that New England Puritan blood!

T.K. said...

Oh, Jasia, the things I do to crack myself up! Need I say, I did not get through the book on one tall coffee. I also had:
#5 (substitute butterscotch candy)
#19 minus sandwich & soda
#29 (substitute English muffin for biscuit)
#57 stir-fried, not roasted, and minus the pie
and a few items that didn't make the book (pretzels, rice pudding, peanuts)

I would've traded it all for a 43!


Ya know, Miriam, with all the hard work those Puritans had to do just for survival, it's amazing they had the time and energy to proliferate like that!

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