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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The proof is in the putting on.

Fellow genea-bloggers and Advent Calendar participants, there's something you should all know about me, and by way of explanation, I offer the following snippet of personal history.

In the late summer of 1992, I moved from my home in Portland, Oregon to a small apartment in Salt Lake City. My apartment was just a couple blocks' downhill walk to the Family History Library, where I planned to spend my days. My intention was to obtain some credentials as a researcher and make a small living doing what I most enjoy. For a multitude of reasons, this plan changed by the following spring and I returned to Portland, but let us not digress. That is not what today's little story is about.

I was quite happily adapted to Portland's moderate climate, so my first hot and dry weeks in Salt Lake City wreaked havoc with my sinuses. But soon enough, it was winter, a much worse fate. I came to think of my new home as Salt Lake City, where the evening news is always about whose roof caved in from the weight of the snow. In fact, I said as much to my Portland friends when they called.

In December, two of my Portland friends pooled their funds to send me a gift of clothing. Responding in the spirit in which the gift was given, I decided to send them a photograph of myself wearing their gift, so that they would know they'd chosen the proper size. I wanted to assure them the gift was every bit as flattering as they had surely imagined it would be.

To give the photo a festive look, I strung Christmas lights on the only tree I had room for, placed my little angel on top, donned the gay apparel, and struck a pose.

Genea-bloggers, in case there is any confusion or doubt, I offer the photo today as indisputable proof that I am a she-blogger, not a he-blogger!

Wishing you all many giggles, good times, and a union suit of your own this holiday season!


Miriam said...

Well, cuz, you are certain to get a lot of hits to your site now! ;-)

While I have made a mistake or two as to the gender of certain genea-bloggers who've had gender-neutral names, somehow, I always knew you were a she-blogger!

Jasia said...

LOL! You are such a hottie T.K.!!!

Key sound effects: [wolf whistle]

What a fantastic picture! My husband had to come take a look to see what I was laughing about. He said, "who knew a union suit could look that good?"

I think I should pass the crown and you should be the Sexy Genealogist!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Right now Gwen Verdon singing "Steam Heat" from Damned Yankees is running through my head!

Do you think we could make a 2009 Genea-Bloggers calendar available on Amazon? Maybe similar poses and photos from our cohorts? Sort of like Calendar Girls? Or Genea-Bloggers Gone Wild?

You can be Miss December and I'll be Miss Construed.

Miriam said...

Thomas, your comment had me laughing out loud! Maybe we could raise enough money selling Geneal-Bloggers Gone Wild calendars to have a genea-blogger reunion in Salt Lake City. ROFL!

T.K. said...

Aw, I don't want to steal your crown, Jasia, it goes so nicely with your spangly dress and hot-girl gloves! But I felt it was incumbent upon me to do my part for the genea-blogging community, lest the mental image of Thomas in a Nutcracker tutu would linger...

Thomas MacEntee said...

I'll have you know I used to be a ballroom dancer (from 1987 - 1995). I specialized in the Latin dances. My nom de dance was Juan Nightstand.

T.K. said...

Miss Construed, I'm with cousin Miriam, Genea-Bloggers Gone Wild it is, but you'll have to get ahold of that tutu for your page!

T.K. said...

...Juan Nightstand... I am still cracking up...

Terry Thornton said...

T.K., You've just set the "gold standard" for Genea-Bloggers in red union suits. You wished us giggles: that wish has already come true! LOL!

But thanks for establishing your gender. I thought all along you female but when when some of the others referred to you as "he" I will admit, I wondered if I were incorrect. Gal, you have stopped any further speculation!

Lori Thornton said...

Cute cat! I've never thought of stringing lights on the cat tree!

Juliane's granddaughter said...

Now there is NO confusion and I always knew you were a she blogger since we share the Schulte cousinship and besides the beautiful picture of you in the early 1950's with Frau Koenig in an earlier blog post is further proof.

Your blog never ceases to amaze me and I am always wondering just what other photos you have there that you are going to pull out? Any on the Feucht family??? Ha!!!

T.K. said...

None in the Extreme Photo Blogging category, Jul's, but even I don't know who will turn up next in my little box of photo tricks. Now that you've put the idea out there in the Universe, maybe a Feucht will turn up!

T.K. said...

Lori, I'm not sure Squeaky appreciated his cat tree being co-opted for other tree duties, but he didn't seem to mind being the angel!

T.K. said...

Terry, I don't know about being the gold standard for genea-bloggers in union suits, but you've given me a fine idea. Since I've wished you all a union suit, and surely Santa will cooperate, we should really have a Day After Christmas Carnival so y'all can show them off... see if we can't raise the bar a little!

Apple said...

ROFLMAO!!! Genea-Bloggers Gone Wild will sell a million copies and we can meet in Salt Lake in the spring.

T.K. said...

Ya know, Apple, I'm thinkin' our customers won't even care that all of our calendar pages say December at the top!

footnoteMaven said...


I'm a little late to the party, but I'm laughing so hard I can barely type (not typing bare).

The cost of a blogger account $0, the friends you make blogging, priceless.

Love your style, think the calendar could really sell.


So, you're another PNW blogger?

T.K. said...

Yes indeed, fM, and so happy to be living where the precipitation does not need to be shoveled.

BTW, rest assured, if you did happen to be typing bare, you would not be the first. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. ;-)

Lee said...

No doubt about it, nope, no doubt - you are all woman! :-) I love your hairstyle in the photo too. Do you still wear it that way?

T.K. said...

I don't remember for sure, Lee, but I suspect that in the interest of good photography, some of my "woman" may have received a masking tape assist to defy gravity! :-O

Actually, I'm on the verge of getting out the shears and cutting my hair like that (more or less) again, but even if I do, it's not gonna look that good. It's more salt than pepper these days, and thinner than ever. Right now it's about collar-length and looks pretty wimpy (see profile pic, just added, below posts).

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Am just now seeing this post. What a great looking union suit! Such a sense of humor ~ what fun you must have. Your cat looks like he(she) just swallowed the canary (or was it a light bulb?)

Certainly gave me and Shubert a chuckle and maybe a nudge(?).

T.K. said...

W'hoo! Let there be nudging! :-D

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