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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Surname: Meschede (also Mesches)

The Friderici surname comes to me via my grandma Evelyn Hauer Kerr. Her third great-grandmother was:
  • Anna Maria Elise Meschede of Herzfeld, Westfalen, Germany. She would have been born about 1725. She married Carl Franz Anton Friderici on 29 July 1749 in Herzfeld, where they had five children together. She was his second wife. Carl and Elise (Elisabeth) were my fifth great-grandparents.
Elisabeth's full name appears only in the record of her marriage. In the birth records of her five children, she is called Elisabeth.

Marriage record of Carl Friderici and Elizabeth Mesches ~ 29 July 1749

Christening record of Maria Clara Friderici ~ 21 December 1755
(click to enlarge any christening record)

Christening records of other children born to Carl and Elizabeth show her maiden name as Meschede.

Christening record of Catharina Elisabeth Friderici ~ 20 July 1750

Christening record of Joan Steffen Friderici ~ 21 March 1752

Christening record of Joannes Christophorus Friderici ~ 12 February 1754

Christening record of Joannes Henricus Friderici ~ March 1769

I found no other Mesches or Meschede in the Herzfeld records. However, I did find a town named Meschede located about 30 miles south of Herzfeld. That may or may not be relevant; to date, I haven't looked into it any further.

Katholische Kirche Herzfeld (Herzfeld, Kr. Beckum, Westfalen, Germany). Birth, marriage & death registers. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. FHL microfilm 871723 & 871724. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Paul said...

I would be very interested in learning about any findings you have as to the origin of our family surname—Mesches—as we can't trace back beyond the mid to late 1800's. It is my understanding that anyone with this name is the U.S. is related. My grandfather came over in the early 1900's and he and his siblings—and their descendants--are the only ones we know.

T.K. said...

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. I've never seen this surname anywhere except in the records I've posted here. In fact, I wasn't even sure it was a surname... when I found there was a place named Meschede, I wondered if these records might have meant Elizabeth was from Meschede. I have no explanation for the Mesches variation, either, especially since the two were used interchangeably in Elizabeth's case. The place name may be a clue, but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, I'm glad to know that it actually is a surname. Thanks!

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