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Monday, July 05, 2010

Notes from The Sheldon Progress, 1915 (Part 2)

The Sheldon Progress and Sheldon Enterprise ~ Page 1
Sheldon, Ransom County, North Dakota ~ Thursday, June 24, 1915

January 7:
Casey: Last Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Buss enjoyed several hours visiting at the August Ludtke home.

Shenford: Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Buss were Lisbon visitors Saturday and Monday.
January 28:
Ed Buss had the big toe of his left foot completely severed Friday morning while attempting to start a balky gasoline engine at the Gust Schmidt place three miles east of the village. In his efforts to start the engine Ed placed both his hands on the fly wheels and braced his feet against the frame. When the crankshaft revolved his toe was caught between the frame and the shaft, cutting it so that t only hung by a small piece of skin. Dr. Weyrens of Sheldon and Dr. Roy Labbitt of Enderlin were summoned and completed the job of amputation. Mr. Buss will be laid up for some time and is congratulating himself that the injury wasn't of a more severe nature.
February 4:
Herman Froemke came home from Fargo Monday morning for a few days rest. Herman has been laid up with a bad case of the grip and he wants to fully recover before going to work again.
March 11:
Jake Muth and family were Sunday guests at the John Reis home. 
March 18:
John Ihme and Miss Ella Buss went out for a joy ride last Sunday. Who knows where?

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krantz, who reside east of Anselm, visited with the latter's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Jaster, Sunday afternoon.

Miss Emma Krueger is assisting her grandmother, Mrs. Buss of Anselm this week with her general housework. It is reported that Grandma Buss met with an accident the past week, thereby hurting her hand which is quite a drawback in her work at present.
March 25:
H. C. Buss and daughter Miss Leona returned from their winter's sojourn in Florida and Indiana Saturday. Mr. Buss went down to Lake Alfred, Fla., where he has a tract of grapefruit land which was set out two years ago, and spent the winter there looking after the cultivation of the trees. He reports that all the old Sheldon folks are in the best of health and that Mr. and Mrs. Adam Goodman expect to remain in the south during the summer. Miss Buss did not go to Florida but visited with her sister at Bedford, Ind.
April 1:
Casey: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Krueger entertained a number of friends Sunday, among whom were Mr. and Mrs. John Krantz and Joseph Legg.
April 8:
Herman Froemke came down from Fargo Saturday morning to spend the day with his parents Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Froemke. Owing to the large amount of spring business in the Northern Trust company, where he is employed, he could not remain away from his position any longer.
May 20:
Anselm: Mrs. Jack Woods spent Thursday of last week at Fred Krantz's.

Casey: Mr. and Mrs. F. Buss will leave Saturday for Davenport for a visit with friends and relatives until Wednesday.

Mrs. F. Buss and daughter Miss Annie spent Tuesday afternoon at the Shunk home. Miss Buss has been with her sister Mrs. Oscar Weig [sic--correctly Wieg] the past month.
June 3:
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Nohr and family Sundayed at the home of Fred Krantz.

Ferdinand Buss and wife returned Saturday morning from Davenport, where they have been for a week visiting with relatives.
July 1:
Mrs. Ed Hasebring [sic--correctly Hasselbring] of Lemmon, S. D., and Miss Emma Krentz, of Baker, Mont., arrived Monday morning for a visit with their sister Mrs. John Ries [sic--correctly Reis], southwest of Sheldon.
July 8:
Casey: Mrs. Gus Jaster and May Feltman spent Thursday at the Fred Krantz home.

Anselm: Bernard Smith is now working for Fred Krantz.

Herman Froemke came home from Fargo Saturday morning to spend the bank holiday with his parents.
July 22:
Casey: Mrs. Phillip Nohr called on F. Jaster;s and on her daughter, Mrs. Fred Krantz, Monday.
August 5:
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Froemke have as their guests Mrs. M. Adams and children of Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. Adams is their daughter and intends staying several weeks with her folks.

Jake Muth, John Ries, Frank Nohr, Chas. Krueger, William Hanelt and Bernard Schultz were pallbearers at the funeral of Mrs. Fred (Wilhelmina Stein) Seelig.
August 19:
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Buss are entertaining their daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Nelson of Minneapolis this week.
September 2:
Fred Walls autoed to Owego Sunday. They visited there with the Edd Wall family.

Casey: Mrs. August Nelson and her mother Mrs. F. Buss were at the Mrs. H. Froemke home Monday. Mr. Nelson is near Velva looking after farming affairs.

Local News: During the high wind last Monday a load of bundles at the Lew Froemke machine caught fire from a spark from the engine and was entirely consumed. The load was being pitched into the feeder when the teamster discovered that his load was on fire. He drove away from the separator and the rest of the crew succeeded in saving the team and the wagon by tipping the rack off. The rack burned with the bundles. Mr. Froemke was threshing on his own farm.
September 16:
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krantz, east of Anselm, was made happy Monday afternoon by the arrival of a very sweet little baby girl--their first.
September 23:
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Nohr visited at the Fred Krantz home Sunday.

Fred Wall's sister Ella arrived Friday evening from Idaho and will spend several weeks visiting her brothers near here.
September 30:
Casey: During the rainstorm last Friday night one of Ferdinand Buss's hay stacks was burned by lightning. The fire might have been serious, being that it was near the buildings. Mr. Buss, with the aid of the threshing crew successfully checked the fire.

Born last Monday to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Weig, at the Enderlin hospital, a daughter. If the new arrival had been a boy, the entire state of North Dakota wouldn't be large enough to hold Alfred.
October 7:
Mrs. A. C. Weig and the new baby girl came home from the Enderlin hospital last Thursday.

Casey: Mrs. Ed Wall and son of Owego visited at the Fred Wall home Sheldon. [sic]
October 14:
Mrs. Ed Wall accompanied by Fred Wall's sister Ella visited at Ferdinand Buss's home Tuesday.
October 21:
Gerald Buss, with wife and baby, spent Sunday at Ed Wall's.

Mr. and Mrs. Reis left Tuesday evening on a business trip to Minnesota.

Fred Krantz bought some Ransom county real estate this week when he purchased the northwest quarter of section twenty-two in Shenford township. The land already contains a barn and granary and Mr. Krantz will build a house next summer.
October 28:
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Buss and two children of Leonard came down to spend Sunday with his brother Herman Buss.
November 11:
RANSOM COUNTY CITIZENS LUCKY: Three other [sic] Ransom county citizens were lucky in the drawing for land on the Berthold reservation at Minot last week. They all secured numbers below five hundred, and when others below their numbers are weeded out because of their ineligibility, they should secure some choice land. Those securing numbers were:
No. 303 - Jacob Muth, Lisbon.
No. 400 - William Lindemann, Enderlin..
No. 526 - Albert Hauge, McLeod.
No. 128 [sic] - Gust Kemmer, Alice.
Several other Ransom county people were lucky but their numbers were well beyond a thousand and it is not likely they will have a chance to file.
November 18:
Miss Mae Reis is spending a few days with the girls at Herman Buss's.

Mr. and Mrs. Reis, Gerald Buss and family and Mr. Nightingale spent Sunday at Herman Buss's.
December 2:
Herman A. Froemke, who has land interests near Lake Alfred, Fla., left last night for that point where he will spend the winter.
December 23:
A number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Buss last Saturday afternoon to help them celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. Rev. Elster, pastor of the German Lutheran curch, gave a splendid talk to the group present which was enjoyed by all. After the address a most sumptuous dinner was served to the guests, a dinner which could not be excelled in quality and quantity. The guests were then entertained in numerous ways. Mr. and Mrs. Buss were presented with numerous tokens of remembrance and their friends wish them many anniversaries to come.

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Apple said...

Poor Ed! I love these little glimpses into everyday life.

T.K. said...

Yep, 1915 was a rough year for body parts in Ransom County!

I totally agree, Apple--the local weeklies really paint a picture, don't they? I spent several months some years ago, reeling through the microfilmed weeklies on interlibrary loan. Usually 4-8 hours a day, after I got off work (night shift did have its advantages). I went through them in roughly chronological order for the first three decades of the 1900s and pretty much got to know everyone in town. Family-history-wise, it was so worth doing!

Nancy said...

The "Silo Juice" article is really interesting because of the many different ways they talk about getting drunk without actually using those words. Very creative journalist!

T.K. said...

Wasn't that article a riot, Nancy? And ain't it amazing what a guy will consume to 'get happy!'

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