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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Ruminations

I've been quite out of the geneablogging loop this month, with my attentions directed to other projects. I'm planning a cool little trip for October though, and might have to post about that in the coming days.


September Accomplishments
  • I completed the last three in a series of six blog books not related to genealogy. 
  • I came upon a series of letters my mom wrote to her parents in 1943-44, and now have yet another Blurb book project under way!
And in the other column . . .
  • Blog hiatus! Currently I am all about Blurb bookmaking!


Cheryl said...

Oh, wow, "a cool little trip for October". You are lucky. Where are you planning on going?

Myrt said...

How absolutely MARVELOUS you found those letters your mom write to her parents. I am working on letters my friend wrote home to her parents during that same time period.

Without the personal insight of those who left such letters, future generations will only know the "official" history, not the "day in the life" point of view during those difficult war years.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

T.K. said...

Hey, Myrt, the letters were full of interesting little bits and pieces that Mom never mentioned when she told the story of when she went out to California to work for awhile. There's a whole different picture here, including a romance she'd never mentioned, and I now wonder whether it might have been the reason she went to California in the first place. He was in the service, of course, stationed in California, and seems to have been someone she knew from home. Wish I also had the letters my grandparents wrote to her--that would be REALLY interesting! I wonder if they might be around somewhere, in some box we haven't come upon yet! Maybe!
My dear cousin Cheryl, wherever I am going on my trip, I'm pretty sure there will be a small committee of geneabloggers to greet me when I arrive. Of course, when I get out of my car, they will push past me as if I'm not even there in their eagerness to discover why the interior of my car is aglow.

One will whisper to the other, "Hey, this car is really CLEAN!"

The other will reply, "It must be brand new, because TK would never have spent all of Friday afternoon cleaning it."

"She's dirt poor," the first one will say. "She couldn't afford a glowstick, never mind a whole glowing new car."

"Hmm, you're right... oh wait, look here... a carpet stain!"

"Holy cow, she actually did clean it??? Who saw that coming???"

"Huh... I wonder why she didn't do the windows."

"Eh, she's lazy. She never does windows."

About then, they'll notice I've disappeared. One will ask, "So where did she go?"

I probably will have gone jogging or something. (Ha ha, no, just kidding, I'm lazy! I never go jogging!)

GrannyPam said...

Ha. I don't jog either. I hope you have, or are having a marvelous adventure.

T.K. said...

Hiya, Pam! My little adventure was perfectly marvelous, thank you! A bit about that coming up in the October Ruminations. Meanwhile, I'm still Blurbing like a madwoman!

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