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Friday, February 11, 2011

Exemplar: A Then-&-Now Family History Book

In G&G, Matthew Epler restages photos taken half a century ago to tell the life-long love story of his grandparents. The text is minimal and consists of bits of memory as told by the grandparents themselves. Used sparingly, these quoted remarks have much more impact than they would if they were lost in a large body of text.

To view the book full-screen, click on the little square next to the Blurb logo. You might have to squint to read the text, but it's worth doing.

  • Bring new life to old snapshots by restaging them in the present. Presenting the two together gives the viewer a reason to really look at them.
  • A good, pithy quote can tell a lot more than it says. It engages the reader in a way that a thousand words of third-person explanation doesn't.
Reader, what ideas do you get from this book?
    Last year, Jasia (of Creative Gene) used restaged photos of places to tell a story about Detroit in her post, Melancholy Too. It was a very effective (and affecting) tool. If you'd like to try it, you'll find a very detailed how-to in this "Then and Now" tutorial by John Walker. (Even if you don't plan to photoshop the dickens out of it as Walker does, you'll learn a lot from the tutorial about perspective, etc.)


    pastprologue said...

    I love "then and now" photography! For another interesting take on it, check out my link to "Reviving the Ghosts of Amsterdam" in this post.


    T.K. said...

    Donna, thanks so much for the link. Those photos are fabulous! Have you tried this technique yet?

    I'm itchin' to pick out some family pictures and play around with this idea. Honestly, it's no wonder I have such a hard time finishing a project--there are SO many other projects to do, and most of them look like more fun than the grunt-work of finishing whatever's already started.

    pastprologue said...

    I WANT to try it, but I haven't yet. It is definitely on my list of things to do, hopefully this year. Along with re-organizing and sourcing my genealolgy data and making some books like you've been doing. If I didn't have to work all day, I'd have a lot more time for the fun stuff! I'd even just like to try a simple then and now by restaging some old photos...hopefully this summer you'll see some on my blog!

    T.K. said...

    Looking forward to it! (Sheesh, work is such an inconvenience!)

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