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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Notes from The White County Democrat, 1916 (Part 2)

 7 January:

     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roby entertained a number of young people at their house southwest of town on last Thursday evening. The trip out and back was made in sleds, and that, with the party, made a very enjoyable evening for the guests.

17 March:

     Mrs. Leonard Camp and children of Goodland are here visiting at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Krintz, and other relatives.

24 March:

The White County Democrat, 24 March 1916

     For front page coverage of the March 21 tornado, see: Notes from The White County Democrat, 1916 (Part 1)

31 March:

    Mrs. M. E. Kuonen of Burnettsville visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Krinning, Monday.

14 April:

     [At a high school inter-class track meet, J. Krentz took 2nd place in low hurdles, and 3rd place in the 440 yard dash.]

     [At 9:30 next (Palm) Sunday at the Lutheran church, Rev. J. H. Lindhorst will confirm several boys and girls, including George Krintz. First Communion will take place Easter Sunday.]

28 April:

     Miss Nina Ward has been under the doctor's care for the last few days.
     Rev. Kuonon and family of Burnettsville were here Sunday visiting with the latter's parents, Mr. And Mrs. August Krinning.

5 May:

     Sitka: J. F. Ward and daughters Lila, Nina and Gertrude visited with relatives in Reynolds Sunday.

12 May:

     Sitka: Lewis Ward and lady friend spent Sunday with friends in Reynolds.

     M. E. Church Notes: Supt. Reid McCoy of the Sunday school appointed the following committee for Children's Day: Mrs. Eugene Langwell, chairman; Mrs. Dr. A. C. Williams, Mrs. Chas. Powell, Misses Maybelle Bunnell, Anna Blunk, Myrtle Warne, committee organist, and Frances Krints, regular organist. The exercise will be held on Sunday evening, June the 11th.

19 May:

     Sitka: Miss Lila Ward is assisting Mrs. Cloyd Hughes with her housework.

     The committee for Children's Day met at the parsonage Monday afternoon.

26 May:

     Mrs. Marie Camp and children of Godland [sic] were over Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Krintz.

     Sitka: Lewis Ward has purchased a new Saxon automobile to be delivered one day this week.

     [For the Memorial Day celebration in Reynolds, August Krinning served as assistant to the comander of the day, David Byroad. Mrs. Arthur Roby was on the music committee.]

2 June:

     Sitka: Misses Lillie Ward and Marguerite Slanter spent Saturday night with Theresa and Evia Eaglehoff.

9 June:

     Sitka: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hornbeck and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ward were shopping in Logansport Saturday.

     Mr. and Mrs. August Krinning and Rev. and Mrs. E. M. Kuonon of Burnettsville motored to Sheldon, Ill., last Friday to spend the day visiting with Mr. Krinning's sister, Mrs. Peter O'Brien.

30 June:

     Sitka: Misses Gertrude and Nina Ward and Lorn Davis visited the former's sister, Mrs. Fred Criswell and family of near Chalmers Sunday.

14 July:

     Miss Lila Ward is working for her aunt Mrs. Earl Baker of Reynolds.

21 July:

     Mrs. Gus Krintz entertained a number of people at their home north of town Monday evening in a pleasant manner, the occasion being her husband's birthday anniversary.

30 July:

     Misses Edna Robertson, Anna Blunk, Frances Krintz, Lois Coffey, Catharine Ward, and Ruth Stinson went to Battle Ground Tuesday to spend the week attending the state convention of the Epworth League, which is in session in the Tabernacle this week. The girls were chaperoned by Mrs. E. E. Benson.

4 August:

     Mrs. Len Camp and children of Kentland visited last week at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Krintz, north of town.

25 August:

     Jewell Ward and daughter were among those who attended Baptist association at Chalmers Monday and Tuesday.

25 August and 1 September:

     TO LET - Plenty of good fall pasture. - G. E. Krintz  25t2
     FOR SALE - Twelve good yearling Shropshire sheep. - G. E. Krintz  25t2

8 September:

     Sitka: J. F. Ward and family moved into their new house the latter part of last week.

15 September:

    Our Sitka correspondent sends in the following death notice which is remarkable for the reason that it records the first loss by death in a family of fourteen children:
    "The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jewel F. Ward was buried at Riverview cemetery Monday afternoon. This is the fourteenth child born to them and the first death which has occurred in the family."

     Sitka: Lewis Ward, who is working with Baker and Price at Logansport, was called home Monday on account of the serious illness of his mother.

15 September, continued:

     Music pupils of Miss Leota Wilson of Chalmers [including Miss Frances Krintz] took a prominent part in a recital in the Baptist church at Chalmers last Saturday afternoon.

6 October:

     Rev. M. E. Kuonon, minister at Burnettsville, who is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. August Krinning, goes to Ambia for the coming year.

3 November:

     Officials of Minneapolis, Minn., have recently communicated with Reynolds people, stating that they have John Krintz* in custody. John, who is slightly demented, has made several attempts lately to go to his relatives in the Dakotas. On his last attempt several weeks ago, when he attempted to go to the home of his sister in North Dakota, he was successful in getting as far as Minneapolis. The officials there took him in hand, and from information gained from a letter which he carried, they corresponded with local relatives of the man. The letter stated that John had been put in an asylum for the present.  [*This story was, in fact, about Albert Adolph Krentz, not his brother John, who was my grandfather and, in 1916, was one of Adolph's siblings living in North Dakota. For reasons unclear to me, even family members are known to have referred to Adolph as John sometimes.]

     High School Notes: Examinations for the second month's work were held this week.
     The Junior class organized recently, electing the following officers: Herbert H. Heimlich, president; Miss Frances Krintz, vice-president; and Wendall Vogel, secretary-treasurer.

[?] November:

     High School Notes: The report cards for the second month's work were handed out on Tuesday. [Among] students receiving the highest averages were Rinehart Krintz (senior), 92.0, and Frances Krintz (junior), 93.2.

17 November:

     Miss Gertrude Ward is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred Criswell, of near Chalmers.

     Miss Nina Ward, who has been working in Monticello for some time, is home for an indefinite stay.

1 December:

     The following marriage licenses were issued Wednesday:  Nina Ruth Ward, daughter of Jewell Ward, to Lorn F. Davis, a farmer, all of Liberty township.

     Mr. August Krinning celebrated his seventy-first birthday anniversary on Wednesday evening of last week by entertaining a number of relatives and friends. His daughter, Mrs. E. M. Kuonen of Ambia, was an out-of-town guest.

8 December:

     Sitka: Mrs. Fred Criswell and two children of near Chalmers spent Thanksgiving [Nov. 30] with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ward.

     Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Ward very pleasantly entertained about fifty of their neighbors and friends Tuesday evening. The occasion was a shower for their daughter Nina and husband.

15 December:

[In High School Notes, the highest averages for the third month's work listed senior Rinehart Krintz second in his class again with 90.1.]

29 December:

     Sitka: Mrs. J. F. Ward left Saturday for an indefinite visit with her sister, Mrs. Mary Steel [sic], of Charleston, Illinois.

     Misses Jennie and Alta Davis, Gertrude Ward, Agness Hughes and Muriel Walther took dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lorn Davis, who are keeping house for Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Printz. Mr. and Mrs. Printz left Wednesday for a month's visit with relatives in Virginia.

Ed. note: Most of the notes above are quoted as printed in The White County Democrat, a weekly which was published on Fridays. On rare occasions I make small corrections in the interest of readability. On even rarer occasions, I have been known to make typographical errors, but rest assured, most of the errors appearing in this series are vintage! Notes which appear in brackets have been extracted and summarized in my own words from longer articles and are not direct quotes.

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