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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Notes from The White County Democrat, 1920

2 January 1920:

    Floyd Adams of Gary spent Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Nancy Adams.

    Leonard Camp and family of Logansport came Tuesday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Camp.

    Mrs. Arthur Robey of Sheldon, Ill., spent Christmas week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Krinning.

16 January 1920:

    May Rice, who has been visiting friends and relatives here, returned Thursday to her home in Sheldon, N. Dakota.  William Krintz accompanied her as far as Chicago.

23 January 1920:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Criswell, who have been quite sick, are better.

30 January 1920:

     Word reaches us that Jewel F. Ward who is now in Arizona is in quite a serious condition.

6 February 1920:

     Sitka: There have been two exciting hunting expeditions in our neighborhood recently. As a result of the first Miss Lila Ward captured a live, full grown, handsome Baer on Wednesday of last week. They will reside on a farm near Sitka. Second, Chas. Hutton captured a live ground hog weighing 9 pounds. Anyone wishing to see this specimen can do so by calling at his home. This one came to stay. Chas. is the happiest he has been for several years.

20 February 1920:


     Mrs. Charles Austin of West Hanawalt St. developed smallpox last Friday, and her children were in school throughout that day. Resulting from this possible indirect exposure, all pupils in the Third and Fifth grades are required to be either vaccinated else remain from school for fourteen days from Friday last.

12 March 1920:

     Reynolds Rt. 1: Misses Marjorie Krintz and Ellen Connell of Reynolds were the Tuesday night guests of Miss Edith Sharkey.

26 March 1920:


     Jewell F. Ward died at Phoenix, Arizona Monday morning. He leaves a wife and fourteen children all living in this county.

     Monticello Rt 3-4: The body of Jewel Ward, who formerly lived near Sitka, will be brought here from Arkansas [sic] for burial.

     High School Notes: The boys of Reynolds High School have organized a baseball team and would like to play any other team in the county. George Krintz was elected captain of the team.

9 April 1920:

     Paul Ward traded the G. E. Krintz property, which he had recently purchased, to Robert Cearing, for the property where he now lives. This adjoins the lots which Mr. Ward recently purchased of J. W. Gardner, making quite a large space for the building he is going to erect for the Rumley line of machinery. Mr. Cearing will remodel the Krintz house before he moves there.

     Wm Scowden and family moved to their new house Tuesday. The house is entirely finished. They have been living in the G. Krintz property.

7 May 1920:

     ALUMNI BANQUET. The Alumni Banquet for the graduating class was given Saturday night. The banquet was held in the D. S. room, and the decorations which had been put up for the Junior's  reception were used. Mr. William Scearcy presided as toast master and responses were given by Clemen Heimlich, Mrs. Anna Rector, Miss Kathleen Ward, Rhienehart Krintz, Waldema Heimlich, Miss Luella Geier, Mr. Payne, Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Lambert. About fifty people were present and the affair was a complete success. [sic]

     FOR SALE — Some Belgian hares. — Fred Krintz, R. 5, Monticello.

14 May 1920:

     Reynolds and Honey Creek Township: 157 head of live stock were shipped from here to Chicago Tuesday, requiring five cars. Ralph Weakman shipped 22 cattle and 51 hogs; Gust Krintz 24 cattle; Matthew Vogel 19 cattle and 31 hogs.

The White County Democrat, May 14, 1920

21 May 1920:

The White County Democrat, May 21, 1920

4 June 1920:

     Arthur Robey sold his entire farming equipment near Sheldon, Ill., last Monday and has moved his household goods here with his father-in-law, August Krinning.

18 June 1920:

     Charles Klouck, who is employed at the Cain meat market, and Edward Klouck, who is employed as a cigar maker at the Anheier cigar factory, have filed their petitions for naturalization. Their declarations of intentions were filed May 6, 1918. They were born in Germany and came to the United States in October, 1885.

     Mrs. Nancy Adams had her house wired for electric service this week.

2 July 1920:

     Reynolds and Honey Creek Township: Mrs. Herman Buss went to Anselm, N. Dak. Thursday for an extended visit with John Rice [sic] and family who formerly lived here.

     August Krinning had the misfortune to fall from a cherry tree while picking cherries last week, spraining his ankle severely. He has been able to go about with the assistance of crutches. Mr. Krinning is about 75 years old.

9 July 1920:

     The Ladies Guild will meet at the home of Mrs. Arthur Robey Thursday afternoon, July 15th. The assistant hostesses will be Misses Frances Krintz, Miss Verna Wheeler and Mrs. Harold Cooper. Miss Linnie Best, White Co. Red Cross Nurse will be present at this meeting and address the company. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

16 July 1920:

     Ed Hasselbring of Lemon, South Dakota, came Wednesday for a few days visit with relatives.

     Bertha Hasselbring of East Dephi was the guest of H. G. Grieger and family Monday and Tuesday.

23 July 1920:

     Ed Hasselbring of South Dakota spent last week visiting friends and relatives here, at Chalmers and near Delphi. Mr. Hasselbring came here from Michigan where he has been for three days looking over a farm which he expects to buy.

30 July 1920:

     Miss Jennie Davis surprised her many friends last week by announcing her marriage to Roy Lawrie of Monticello. They were married at Rensselaer, July 15th.

     Mr. and Mrs. Lorn Davis had as their guests Sunday the following: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Talbutt and son Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lawrie, Gertrude Ward and Bertha Davis.

     REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS: Bertha E. Ward et vir to William A. Tillett et ux: lots 98, 99 and N½ 97 Barr's add. Monticello, $2000.

6 August 1920:

     Ethel Van Voorst of Indianapolis, who has been visiting her former teacher Miss Bertha Bostick, and at the home of Gust Krintz, is visiting friends here this week.

13 August 1920:

     William C. Brandt vs. Mamie Brandt, for divorce. The couple were married on Oct. 4, 1916, and separated on Aug. 9, 1920. The complaint alleges cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff is seeking the custody of their child, Waneata, who is now three years old. Mr. and Mrs. Brandt resided on North Main street.

     Mrs. Charles Klouck and her niece, Miss Louise St. Claire of Michigan City, visited in Reynolds Saturday.

     Monticello Rt. 3-4: Mr. Ellis Baer gave his threshing crew quite a treat. He butchered a hog the morning they threshed so they were treated to fresh pork. Mrs. Lila Baer, Mrs. Claude Jenkins, Mrs. McCloud, and Mrs. Bessie McOwen helped Mrs. Ellis Baer with her threshing dinner.

1 October 1920:

     [August Krinning filed his declaration of intention to become an American citizen during the past few days. He was born in Germany and arrived here in 1854.]

15 October 1920:

     William Krintz made a business trip to Indianapolis Saturday, returning Monday.

22 October 1920:

     Louis Krintz and Clarence Adams went to Indianapolis Monday to have their eyes tested.

3 December 1920:


     A party was given Friday evening November 26th in honor of the Reynolds High School Basket Ball Champs by their lady friends at the home of Miss Margaret Krintz, her sister, Miss Frances, acting as assistant hostess. The evening was enjoyably spent playing delightful mirth provoking games. Dainty refreshments were served and the guests departed with merry adieus.

10 December 1920:

     Mrs. Herman C. Buss and son of Anselm, N. Dak. and mother from Chaffee, N. Dak. visited with Mrs. Herman L. Buss from Friday until Sunday.

17 December 1920:

     [The Brandt divorce case is set for Mon., Feb. 17, 1921 with Judge B. F. Carr.]

     Arthur Robey, who suffered a broken ankle when he stepped from a load of corn recently is improving.

     Monticello Rt. 3-4: Harry Harmon returned to his home in Montana Sunday. He had been shucking corn on the prairie near Brookston for Fred Criswell.

Ed. note: Most of the notes above are quoted as printed in The White County Democrat, a weekly which was published on Fridays. On rare occasions I make small corrections in the interest of readability. On even rarer occasions, I have been known to make typographical errors, but rest assured, most of the errors appearing in this series are vintage! Notes which appear in brackets have been extracted and summarized in my own words from longer articles and are not direct quotes.

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