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Saturday, October 21, 2017

In Search of the Schulte Line, Part 4: Mystery or Soap Opera? You Decide!

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Our story so far:
Part 1, in which the Bloodhound Cousins discover the German hometown of our Meyer-Schulte ancestors,
Part 2, in which we perch a fresh bunch of Schulte, Hagedorn, and Friderici ancestors in the distal branches of our Familienbaum, and
Part 3, in which we figure out where the mysterious niece Lizzie Schulte came from, but then she disappears.
Who among us can let sleeping ancestors lie? Probably nobody who's reading this. Certainly not Cheryl and I. Our great great grandfather's niece Lizzie Schulte was in her mid-30s in 1911, the year of the last document we found with her name on it. Did she move back to Germany? Die young? Get married? Cheryl and I speculated a bit, but we were clueless.

Clueless, that is, until we discovered that Cheryl has been sitting on a key piece of our Schulte puzzle for decades. It was exactly what we needed in order to see the whole eye-poppin' picture. Here, read over our shoulder:

Cheryl emailed me:
I had my mother sort out two huge boxes full of my Schulte materials. She worked on it all day. In the end we had 15 piles, one pile for each family group - Joseph & Alvina, Rudolph & Juliane, Elmer & Ella, etc.

Some things I found bear sharing with you, and maybe you will have some ideas on this. I typed 5 family group sheets that all show Josephine [a granddaughter of Joseph Meyer Schulte by his daughter Ida] as the source. On March 18, 1981, Josephine told me that her grandfather Joseph had a brother who had 3 children that she knew of and their names were Elizabeth, known as Lizzie, Mary and Rosa - in that order - Lizzie oldest, then Mary and then Rosa. Elizabeth, Mary and Rosa were all born in Germany. Remember that photo you have of Joseph and a young girl sitting on the porch of an old house? We wondered about that at the time and here is the answer. She was indeed his niece and the daughter of his brother, and also sister to Mary and Rosa. Now WHICH brother of Joseph, I wonder. All those Beckum records we found showed siblings of our Joseph, but which one could be the father of these 3?

Josephine told me that she didn't know if this niece Lizzie ever married. She said that the daughter Rosa married (Josephine didn't know Rosa's husband's name) and had a son named Eric...

[Readers, what's that sound? Is the name Eric ringing any bells for you?]

...and she said that the middle daughter Mary was married to Herman Koenig and they had a son Paul H. Koenig who married your Marceline (Corneilson). Is that right? Was Paul Koenig's mother a Schulte, also??? I just looked back on all your Koenig posts in Before My Time and you DO mention Paul's father as being a Herman Koenig but I don't see any mention of who his mother was. Do you know? Is it possible this information from Jo is correct? That Paul's mother was a Mary Schulte, niece of our Joseph???

And I emailed her back:
Holy cats, Paul's mother, a Schulte!! Well, I have no idea about any of this, I've never heard it before. I have never heard what her name was, nor anything about her being related to the Schultes, but I suppose it's possible. Paul's immigration record says he was from Buer which was where his father lived. I did not find it in my German road atlas, but I did find a B├╝ren which appears to be only about 50 km from Beckum.

Hey, in the Hebert post, there is a census showing Paul's brother Alfons staying with his aunt and uncle, Fred and ELIZABETH Hebert, and Elizabeth was from Germany and maybe she was Lizzie Schulte the niece???? Alfons' mother's sister???? AND in the census with the nephew Alfons staying with them, they have another German nephew staying with them named ERICH Roehrken!!!

Oh, my, you and I together are a genealogical force to be reckoned with!! I bet this is how Paul and Marceline met! They were COUSINS!!
That was the Aha! moment in our Schulte research. Did you see it coming? (My grandmother would have known all this, of course, but my interest in family history, which really burgeoned in 1987 when I discovered how to organize it with genealogy forms, came too late.)

I sent off for Paul's death certificate, and there it was in black & white:

Paul Herman Koenig, son of Herman Koenig and Maria Schulte
(click to enlarge)

From Lizzie's 1909 ship manifest, we learned that her father was Heinrich Schulte. And we did indeed have a Beckum birth record for Heinrich Schulte, our Joseph's brother, both of which you read about in Part 3 of this series.

Readers as eagle-eyed as Cheryl might have discovered another piece of the puzzle (which I so cleverly hid in plain sight!) in Two Mrs. and a Frau. There were actually zwei Frauen of interest in Maria Koenig's 1950 ship manifest. Listed directly above Maria is her sister, Rosina Rorken, also traveling to Detroit. Her destination was surely the home of her son, Erich.

Next, we need to unearth a few things, such as:
  • a Detroit city directory listing for Erich Roehrken at 13939 Rochelle ca. 1950
  • the date of Elizabeth Hebert's death (or where she is buried), so we can order a death certificate which may show that her father was Heinrich Schulte, or...
  • the marriage record (where? when?) of Fred and Elizabeth Hebert, which should also name her parents
  • German churchbooks documenting the marriage of Heinrich Schulte and the births of his three daughters (and possibly others)
Readers who can shed any light on this topic, please use the Comments feature at the bottom of this post to contact me. Include your email address for a personal response. Any comment containing an email address or other personal contact information will not be published to the blog.


Juliane's granddaughter said...

You sneaky person, you. You did have another photo of Frau Koenig and this one is wonderful with both her son and daughter-in-law. Too bad there weren't photos, also, with her sister, Rosa, in them (or do you have some of those, too, hidden away!!)? If so, search for some of those Feucht pictures, too, ok. Now I just want to think, think, think of how we could come up with the marriage record of Elizabeth & Fred Hebert. Wish we knew the church they belonged to. There has to be a way to tie this together; we haven't come this far to leave this hanging. So I will think all day today as I am working! I am very good at multi-tasking!!

T.K. said...

I was as surprised as you, Jul's, to find another photo from Maria's trip. I was looking for something else. Oddly enough, this one was actually stored in my binder of old photos from Evelyn's side, right where it should be. Hah, I'd never have thought to look there first! ;-)

Hey, maybe there are Roehrken descendants with photos of Rosina and Erich!

I bet Evelyn would have known where the Heberts are buried. Last summer at my dad's, I found a list she'd made, of... hey! Jul's! You won't believe what I just found! The subject of my next post!

Denise (Schulte) Marcolina said...

My Great Grandmother's name is Elizabeth Schulte.
I have a picture where she is sitting and 2 younger girls are standing behind her. It looks like they all might be sisters. Anyway I have many more pictures of her family, some I am familiar with and some I have no idea. Their is a pic of her home town in Germany. We think it is near Duseldorf of the Black Forrest section. She was sent to the US when she was 17 or 18 in an arranged marriage with my Great Grandfather Deitsch.
The story gets interesting after that. So if you tell me if this sounds like it could be the missing Lizzy.
I can arrange to post the pic. Thanks Denise (Schulte) Marcolina

T.K. said...

Hi Denise,
Thanks for getting in touch. Although Cheryl and I are pretty confident that our Lizzie Schulte married Fred Hebert, it's good to connect with another Schulte. There could be a connection somewhere, you never know! Did your great grandparents Deitsch live in Detroit?

Do you have a genealogy blog or Schulte family info posted somewhere? If so, please leave another comment with the URL so we can visit it!
Best wishes!

Denise (Schulte) Marcolina said...

Yes, now I would agree with you and Cheryl. I found another picture of my great grandmother with one of her sister Thresia. The hand writing is of my fathers from many years ago explaining the pic. Our Schulte's are from NJ. My maiden name is Schulte because Elizabeth went back to her maiden name after my great grandfather Deitsch died in a tragic wagon accident not too long after they were married. Elizabeth was 25 years younger then great Grandfather. She went on to raise their 4 children( Clair,who was the only one to keep the name Deitsch, Irene who had 2 children before she died of breast cancer in 1929, Hilda who married Charles Bartow a decendend of Francies Scott Key, they had no children and Victor who is my grandfather who had 2 boys Victor Jr. who died 2 years ago and my Dad Theodore Frank Schulte who is 86 but his health is failing at the moment.) Elizabeth was single mom in the very early 1900's, supported her 4 children by sewing silk in the silk mills in NJ. She died at the age of 90 putting cement steps in the back of her home which she shared with my great Aunt Hilda.
That is a little snippet of what I have currently. I have no genealogy as of yet. I don't know if there is any connections with your family but it was sure fun sharing.
Thanks for listening......

T.K. said...

Denise, a thousand apologies for my delay in posting your follow-up comment. I've only just now discovered it! Somehow it ended up in my archived email instead of my inbox.

I found your summary interesting, and am glad to have the details posted here in case someone else might happen along and find them of interest.

Enjoy your search!

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